hillfarm honey


A delicious honey produced by the bees in hives at Hill Farm who thrive in woodland, clover-rich grasslands, borage and, of course, the rapeseed.

We work alongside beekeepers who manage the hives on our farm. We have a limited amount of this seasons honey available for sale, and will be introducing new hives next year.

As farmers, bees are very important to us as they pollinate our crops. It is essential that we look after the bees and also the other beneficial insects that populate our fields and countryside. At hillfarm we farm in a way that is sensitive to the wildlife all around us. We do a lot to look after the bees on the farm in particular, not just in the summer when they can be seen, but all year round.

We hope this hillfarm honey demonstrates our commitment to looking after bees and other beneficial insects on our farm – without them our crops would be nowhere as good as they are!

The honey is available both set and runny individually or as a set of one each in a pretty little hessian bag.

(Please note jar size is different from product pictured)



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