garlic mayonnaise


GTA 3-star 13With just the right amount of garlic and a beautiful creamy colour, this garlic mayonnaise can brighten up anything from a tired salad to a dinner party dip.

Serve as a dip with crunchy crudités, sauteed potatoes or calamari. Stir into Mediterranean fish stew or just with chips! 

Winner of Great Taste Award 2015 the judges described our garlic mayonnaise as ‘creamy and flavourful’.

Contains no artificial preservatives or additives.

Extra virgin rapeseed oil, refined rapeseed oil, free range whole egg (11%), garlic nuggets (8.6%), white wine vinegar, organic golden sugar, sea salt, mustard flour
Key Nutrients
Omega 3 (8.0g/100g)
Omega 6 (12.1g/100g)
Omega 9 (43.4g/100g)

Store in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight. Once opened refrigerate and consumer within 6 weeks and by the best before date.



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